Monday, March 9, 2009

Stocking the pantry......

Good Morning!!

It's a beautiful sunny day here. Great way to start off the week.

I have fallen a little behind in stocking my pantry due to funds. However, having a stocked pantry has helped a great deal when the grocery money is low.

I thought I would share about how I stock my pantry. Right now, I have two large cabinets over my counters and 3 cabinets below that I keep all of our dried and canned goods.

I have made a list of items that I want to try and keep stocked in the pantry. I keep this list in my binder close to my menu planner. I use it when making out my grocery list. I try to spend just $5.00 a week on extra things for my pantry.

Here's what my pantry list looks like:

Remember to always rotate your food - moving older to the front so they will get used first. Also, don't buy something if it is not going to be used. That is just waste.

When stocking, don't forget your essentials. I will also stock up on things such as toothpaste (when it is on sale or free), shampoo, toilet paper, deodorant, etc.

Well, I gotta go and get some housecleaning done. I am having a friend over to visit this morning and we are going to the park.

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