Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going back to work

I hope to start blogging again next week. It's been kind of crazy here the past month, but I'll tell you all about that next week.

On a whim, I took my resume to one of my customers I used to do business with a few years back. Two days later, I get an email saying they would like to meet and talk with me. Two days after the interview, I was offered a job. Now, this is doing pretty much the same thing I used to do when I worked full time years ago and I have had around 20 years experience in the field so I feel pretty confident I can do a good job. The money is good and will go along way to ease the financial stress we are currently in.

It will be much easier working full time now because I no longer have small children and I am not homeschooling. So my two teenagers (and husband) are going to have to pitch in a little more around here..it won't hurt them! My husband will be home during the day, so I'm glad my son will not be coming home to an empty house.

It will also be nice to have a little money to spend on Christmas as we are usually financially strapped for cash this time of year.

All in all, I cannot wait for 2010....I think it's going to be a great year. I have to say that I am so thankful to God for meeting all our needs these past few months.
There were times when I felt all hope was lost, but God faithfully provided and reminded me that he is in control and that I should not worry (easier said than done).

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!