Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Cleaning Schedule

I'm changing around my cleaning schedule a bit - back to my original schedule that I had been doing for a couple of years:

Mondays: Bedrooms - change bed linens
clean ceiling fans
sweep/vacuum floors
wipe down doors and
light switches
wipe window sills
clean mirrors and

Tuesday: Bathrooms - clean tubs and showers
including tiles
clean inside and out toilets
wipe down counters and cabinets
clean mirrors
wipe down doors and switches
check supply of toilet paper
take out trash
clean out drawers if needed
put bathroom rugs in laundry
mop bathroom floors

Wednesday: Kitchen - declutter all counter tops
wipe counters and kitchen table
clean inside and out microwave
clean oven and stove
wipe down and wash out coffee pot
clean and declutter top of fridge
clean out fridge
clean outside of fridge
wipe window sills
sweep/mop kitchen floor

Laundry room- wipe down washer and dryer
change kitty litter
sweep and mop floor

Thursday: Family Room
Dining Room - Dust everything including T.V.
tables, pictures, window sills, etc
Move couch and chair to vacuum
Sweep and vacuum and mop floors
Declutter and put items either in trash
or back in proper place
Water indoor plants

Friday: Computer Room - dust tv and computer. Clean computer
Declutter computer desk
Sweep and vacuum

It looks like a lot, but really it doesn't take that long to get it done.

Tomorrow, I'll post "A Day in the Life of Me" and show you exactly what I do and when I do it along with how long it takes.

Oh...also 5 Things that Went Right - Monday

1. My husband was off of work and did a beautiful job on the yard
2. I actually had time to sit and read a WHOLE book outside while enjoying the sunny day.
3. It was nice so all the kids got to go outside and play
4. We met our neighbor who lives next door - very nice lady
5. I was able to make it thru the day without spending any money

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Allen Techs said...

That's one heck of a schedule. Like a planner! It is better to it this way to really have a goal what to finish each day.