Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Upside Down Tomatoes

I'm going to be running around today trying to get things done. We leave on a mini-vacation (2days) tomorrow. Even though it is short, it will be nice to just get away for a bit.

I'll be doing some short posts throughout the day (I hope)..if I don't get to them, I'm sorry.


Have you ever seen those commercial for Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters. You know, those are the ones where you can plant the tomatoes upside down.

My husband has been fascinated with doing that. Last time the commercial came on we watched it. They went thru the spill talking to people who owned them, how easy it was and how abundant the tomatoes were. My husband was all set to place his order....that is until they showed the PRICE. On TV it was 2 payments of, get this, $19.99!!! But wait, you get not one Topsy Turvy, but two! Still $19.99 for each was ridiculous.

I guess the frugal side of me is starting to rub off on my husband because he decided there was no way he was going to pay that. He went online and found how to make the same thing out of milk jugs. You can also do it with large plastic containers.

But since I had been saving my milk jugs anyway, he fashioned some hanging containers out of them. I only had 1/2 gallon containers. I imagine that when the tomatoes get larger, we can transplant them.

It was easy to make. Just cut off the top portion of your jug, then cut a small square at the bottom. Insert your tomato plants upside down thru the bottom after filling the jug with your "dirt". Hang and water as necessary.

Your tomatoes plants will start to grow upward, but when they start producing tomatoes, gravity will take effect and they will hang back down.

We only have two plants right now...we'll see how it goes and maybe add more. I know you can do it with cucumbers and peppers too!!

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