Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing hookie today....

Well, we all played a little "hookie" today. My husband came home a little after 8:00 this morning and is off tonight. So, we decided to go to a baseball game. I cancelled school (yeah...they had to twist my arm..LOL) and off we went.

I love going to see a good baseball game in the spring. However, I'm not much for watching one on T.V. It's just not the same.

Today was a PERFECT day for baseball. It has been sunny with a beautiful blue sky...and it was 76 I said...PERFECT! And on top of that our team won 7-2!

Sorry I don't have any pics to post, but I forgot to take my camera.

I had already done my deep kitchen cleaning, my morning chores and a load of laundry, and pulled weeds in the flower now that we are home Blake and I can just relax.

Usually I bake bread on Wednesday, but I'm going to put it off until tomorrow as I still have a loaf already.

I hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday.

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