Monday, June 1, 2009

Why I Am Working

My first and foremost love is staying at home and being a supportive wife to my husband, keeper of our home and a caring mom.

If my children were younger, I would NOT be working outside of my home. However, since that is not the case, I decided it would be nice to be able to be caught up on our bills and give my husband a much needed break from working so much overtime.

Last week he worked 72 hours..he worked 21 days straight with only 1 day off. He has been great doing whatever is needed to provide for our family, but I can see that it is taking a toll on him.

And yes, it is only day 4 working away from the home and we are still adjusting. The kids have really stepped up by doing whatever is asked of them. It is really nice coming home to a cleaned up house. Since I made a computer schedule for everyone, there is no more fighting...whoopee!!!

My son, Brian, is home with me from we have a full house - 5 kids...three of which are teenagers. I can tell you that my grocery bill was sky high this time around....they can eat A LOT!!!

Next week, however, it will be very quiet as we will have no kids. That's right...two weeks with no kids! I will miss them much probably after a couple of days (but I'm still looking forward to the peace and quiet and control of the T.V. again...LOL).

For tonight, I make Baked Penne Pasta with a tomato zuchinni sauce. My oldest stepson is a vegetarian so I try to incorporate some vegetarian meals into our menu.

Well, dinner is about done and I still have two loads of laundry to get done.

Have a blessed Monday!!!

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