Friday, June 19, 2009

One Thing After Another

Yeah....its Friday! I love Fridays...I don't have a "cleaning schedule" to follow on Fridays because if I have done what I'm supposed to have done during the should really all be done.

Today I am baking a couple of loaves of bread because I am on my last loaf and I didn't bake any earlier this week. Laundry is done, except for my clothes that still need to be put away. I also need to go ahead and make out my weekly menu and grocery list...I'll try and share that later today or maybe tomorrow morning.

Like my post title says, this week and really been one thing after another.
Earlier this week, I was washing a load of clothes and came back into the laundry room to check on where the cycle was when I noticed there was water all over the laundry room floor. I immediately shut off the washer. Our washer is on the wall that backs up to our outside storage room. Sure enough, the storage room was flooded as well...uggh! With my husband's schedule, he wasn't able to check it out until Wednesday. Poor was raining that day and he needed to climb on the top of the roof to check something out - don't ask me...he told me, but I can't remember.

He worked on it all day and after making two trips to Lowe's was able to get all the piping worked out and low and behold...I was able to wash clothes again!! I had LOTS of clothes to wash. It really starts to back up after a couple of days. Luckily, it was just three of us here and not the usual 8, the amount of clothes could have been a lot worse.

Also on Wednesday, our air conditioner was just not doing a great job cooling down the house. With the humidity here, the temp has been in the low 100's. Just miserable to be outside, and it wasn't much better inside. The inside temp was 82. And while, that may be ok for some of you, we couldn't stand it. My wonderful husband brought home yesterday and guage and determined that we were really low on freon. So, fortunately hubby has a friend in the business and was able to come over yesterday and put more freon in, check everything out and pronounce it good to go. Wow....what a difference!!! The air that is now coming out is 68 degrees. is soooo nice to have a cool house again. I just couldn't bake in a hot house.

Hubby also had to work on our lawnmower yesterday, but was able to get that going as well.

I feel that we have been attacked from all sides lately. I am so thankful that God has blessed our family with such a mechanically inclined husband who is able to take care of things around our house.

Have a blessed Friday!

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