Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Pictures

I know I have been promising some pictures, but our computer went whacko and my husband had to erase our hard drive and start over...uggh!

So here's some random pictures I took this morning.

This is one of my loaves of bread that I baked yesterday. We just love homemade bread. I have in the past made the sourdough wheat bread, but my family really doesn't like it. This is potato bread, which is one of my husband's favorites. You can find the recipe by going to the left and clicking on recipes.

These are our upside down tomato plants. We originally planted them in a half gallon milk jug, but transplanted them into these 5 gallon buckets I was able to pick up for free from our local freecycle group. As you can see, we only have one tomato at this time. My husband says he will really be disappointed if we only have the one. Keeping my fingers crossed for more.

This is my weekly dinner menu that I started posting on the fridge. I started putting it there because after awhile I really got tired of hearing 5 million time a day "What are we having for dinner?" Tonight we are having bacon wrapped steak fillets and baked potatoes and probably steamed veggies...yummm!

This is our T.V. showing what I have on in the mornings....Contemporary Christian music...My radio doesn't pick up K-Love here, and if I put it on the computer, I wouldn't be able to hear it in most of the house. So, I just listen to the contemporary music channel from our cable company.

This is the inside of my fridge today....pretty messy huh? Well, today is "Kitchen" day and the day that I clean out the fridge. Since I worked the past two weeks, unfortunately, the fridge was neglected. It needs some love. I usually try and not let it ever get this bad. Maybe I'll post an "after" picture tomorrow.

Here's the picture of the fridge after I cleaned it out. I took out the bottom bins and washed them out and wiped down all the shelves. Looks much better now. Also, I know that looks like beer on the bottom, but its non-alcoholic (for my hubby).

Well, I guess that's it for the random stuff. Like I said before, today is "Kitchen" day, so I've got lots to do. I try to schedule it the day before my garbage man comes so I can clean the fridge and stuff and not worry about it sitting out in the garbage for days.

I hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!

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