Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a Followup

Well, dinner has been eaten and the kitchen cleaned up. Laundry has been folded and put away. I wash all bedding on Mondays and the kids are responsible for putting the sheets back on the beds.

The three oldest boys(18, 14, 13) are in the living room watching a movie. My stepdaugher, Kaylin (9), is in my son's room watching a movie and my stepson, Jared (10), is lying on the bed next to the computer reading a book. And my husband is in bed sleeping before he has to go into work tonight.

It is nice to just have a (little) break. Of course, I still need to pack my hubby's dinner for tonight, which I'll do in just a bit. But after that, I'm done for the night.

I realized I never elaborated anything about my son's surgery. We had to be at the hospital at 8 am on Friday morning. I went back with him around 9 am so they could do his blood work and the IV. While this was being done, his face turned scarlet red and he almost passed out. I had to rush to the bathroom to get a wet towel to put around his neck. After that, he felt much better.

Then they took him to the Cath Lab Pre/Post Room where we said our goodbyes before they took him into surgery. Back to the waiting room I went. I received a call about 10:30 that morning telling me that they were about to get started.

The staff was very good at calling me to give me updates throughout the procedure. His surgery lasted until about 2:30 or 3:00 at which time the doctor called me and said that they found something totally different than what they thought they would find.

In a previous post I wrote that my son has a condition known as Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome. When they did the catheter abalation this time, they discovered that the cause of his rapid heart rate was known as Atypical AVNRT. They said while this is common, it is very uncommon for a patient to have both Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome and Atypical AVNRT.

Brian was finally brought up to a room on the Cath floor of the hospital where we were informed that he was the youngest patient (18) on the entire floor. It was a rough night. The anesthesia gave him a very bad headache and he also suffered from severe nausea which caused MUCH vomiting (I know, yuck!). I felt really bad for him.
Also, after the procedure is done, you have to lie completely still for 6 hours. You can raise your head only 20 degrees. So you can imagine how hard it was being sick to your stomach.

It would take an hour for the nurse to get to our room after we made a call. Also alarms would go off in our room and the nurses would never come to check on them. This made no sense since his room was directly across from the nurses station. A couple of times, I had to open the door wide open and then ask them if they heard the alarm. Thank goodness there was not something going on that was life threatening!

Anyhow, he was released from the hospital on Saturday around 12:30 pm. I have called the cardiologist today to try and make a follow up appointment, but so such luck. I'll try again tomorrow.

Again, thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!!

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