Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday madness

My youngest son made it back yesterday and I also brought home my 17 yr old nephew to spend a few days with us. It will give my 18 yr old someone to just hang around with. Wow...three teenage boys can sure eat A LOT!!!

I hope I have enough groceries to last the week.

My hubby has to work on Sunday's, so we are celebrating Father's Day today. He is off today and tomorrow so that works out well. He's taking it easy catching up watching the NASCAR race that he recorded from yesterday. Then we are going shoe shopping....for him. That is what he asked for - a new pair of gym shoes. He wants to get back in the gym. Both of us have kinda let ourselves go. Maybe he will inspire me to get back in shape as well.

We are having grilled New York Strip steaks for dinner. This is a real big treat for us. I have them marinating in the fridge right now.

Right now, I am emotionally exhausted. Maybe, I'll feel comfortable posting more about that some time in the future. However, right now, I just don't feel like doing anything but taking a nap. I have washed and dried one load of clothes, have another load that needs to be dried. I've cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned my room, baked a loaf of bread and made lunch for me and hubby. (Youngest spent the night with a friend and the other two boys are still they are on their own for lunch).

It is hot, hot, hot, here...which is MISERABLE. I hate summer! Love spring and fall, but can't stand the extreme temperatures. Is there somewhere you can live that is just mild year round?

Well, I think I'm going to lay down for a bit while hubby is still watching racing and then I think we will be out the door for a bit. Thank goodness our car has air conditioning!!!

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