Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Productive Day and Bathrooms

Today was a productive day. I did get my three loaves of bread baked..yay! It's been over two weeks since I've baked bread. I actually had to go and buy store bought bread last week.

Since today was Tuesday, it's the day I have set aside in my schedule for cleaning the bathrooms. Normally, I will, on a daily basis swipe the toilet seats and wipe down the bathroom counters. However, on Tuesdays, I really clean the counters, sinks, inside and outside of the toilets, scrub the tubs/showers and clean the tiles. I also clean the mirrors, wipe down the light switch covers and wipe down the doors. The area around the handles can get really dirty with so many little hands touching it, so it is important for me to clean those once a week. I also will sweep and clean the bathroom floors.

If you do this once a week and just swipe the toilet and the counters on a daily basis, you can keep the bathroom clean.

I have a fear of someone coming over to visit and then asking to use the bathroom and my bathroom be nasty. Years ago, when my boys were little and I was working full time outside the home, this would be a problem. I cringed whenever anyone wanted to use the bathroom and would fly down the hall to check it out quickly and make sure the boys didn't leave it in a total mess (you know how little boys can be sometimes).

Now, I don't worry so much about that....It's not always spotless, but I'm not embarrassed by it either.

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