Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Trip to the Farmers Market

We have a farmers market here every Saturday. Last weekend was the first time I went.
We met someone who owned a local cattle farm. It was great to learn that all his cattle and sheep are grass antibiotics and no hormones. Also, they only supplement the grass with feed in the winter. My husband and I really want to be able to buy a 1/4 cow and was delighted to find out that they do this for .90 cents a pound (live weight). Now we just need to save up the money (about $250.00).

Today I did buy 10 pounds of ground beef - I'm going to use one in some spaghetti tonight. This farm also sells lamb, chicken and eggs - so I also bought a dz eggs. We just love the brown fresh eggs so much more than the ones at the grocery store.

Along with the above, we visited several booths. I bought another pound of home churned Amish butter and some Hickory smoked cheese; small red potatoes, 1 dz ears of butter sweet corn, and some pure honey from a local beekeeper.

I am so glad we found this place and I'm looking forward to making it a regular Saturday trip.

Have a great weekend...gotta go and get the spaghetti started.

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