Thursday, February 19, 2009

Work or Stay at Home

Today is a busy day for me. I have some personal business to attend to out of town that is making me nervous. For one, it is out of town and I am driving by myself and not quite sure exactly where I am going. And second, is the nature of the personal business itself.

I am sure everything will be fine and I have been praying a lot!!

On another note, I had really been considering going back to work full time. The additional money would help. I asked my husband what his thoughts were and he said he was o.k. with me going back to work. I was apprehensive about it because I do homeschool and I wasn't sure how I would manage to get everything done along with working. Also, my husband works second shift and there would be little time to spend together. I sent in several resumes and prayed that if God would open and close doors as He sees fit.

Well, no response to any of the resumes I sent it. However, about that time I did find a lady who was looking for a sitter for her little girl and her soon to be baby boy. We met and everything is looking good...I am to start babysitting on 3/9.

I truly believe this was God's way of telling me to stay home....what I do is important and he will provide.

You see, I had been feeling really down on myself lately. I do not have any lady friends that are stay at home moms/wives. My friends work or are in school obtaining a degree to work. I was feeling like what I did - did not matter and since I was not bringing home a paycheck that I was no doing enough.

However, I absolutely LOVE being a homemaker - a supportive wife to my husband - a stay at home mom to my son!! I cannot judge my life by someone else's life. As long as I am doing what is pleasing to God is what matters.

O.k.....I've gotta go and get the oil changed in my vehicle before I leave today - ughh! (There are few things that I hate doing --taking care of the vehicles, putting gas in the cars, changing the kitty litter, cleaning the blinds/shutters)


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