Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stuff to do today

I got a really late start this morning and did not roll out of bed until after 9am! I hate sleeping that late, but wanted to spend time with hubby when he got off of work - he works second shift.

He is off of work tomorrow and wants us to drive out of town to look at something (secret). So, I am going to try and get today's and tomorrow's to do list done today.

Here it goes:

Wednesday laundry (I do laundry on Mon.Wed.Fri)
Clean all sinks (including kitchen), tubs, showers,toilets, bath mirrors
Mop all floors (we have hardwood and tile throughout - so I will be doing whole house)
Put away clean dishes and load any dirty dishes in dishwasher (I'm so grateful I have a dishwasher!)
Homeschool with son
Make brownies (hubby's request)
Feed sourdough starter
Make hamburger buns for later this week
Look and complete menu for next week so I can plan grocery list
Sweep kitchen floor (before mopping)
Fix lunch for everyone
Pack hubby's dinner for work
Fix dinner for rest...
Clean up kitchen
Take out kitty litter (ugghh - I hate this)

What's your day like?

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