Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This and That

It has been one of those mornings when I have had all sorts of thoughts about what I want to write. Just having trouble narrowing things down a bit

I got a late start this morning and so did my son...but we are back on schedule now. So far today I have done my Tuesday cleaning routine, unloaded the dishes and loaded what was in the sink, have brownies in the oven baking(mmmmm....they smell good) and have worked with Blake homeschooling (most of the subjects he does on his own, I'm just there if he needs me...and I check and grade his work).

I still need to sweep/vaccum which I will do after my husband wakes up. He works second shift so I cannot do the "loud" stuff until later.

Lunch today is just mac-n-cheese and sandwiches. Dinner tonight is barbeque chicken bites with sweet potato fries and a veggie (not decided).

I'll post again a little later once lunch is done and cleaned up.

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