Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Current Cleaning Schedule

As a child and then a teenager, I had no desire to do anything remotely connected with cleaning. My mom used to joke that she couldn't remember what color my carpet was in my room due to the numerous clothes that I kept lying on the floor. I did not help out with any cleaning or cooking around the house. My mom did it all. While this was great (at the time), I did not learn the why's, what's and how's of house management.

It has taken me a number of years to get to the place where I feel that I do a pretty good job taking care of my house. When my kids were little and I worked full time outside the home, cleaning was not a priority. Many a time my mom would come and let me know how dirty my sinks were. I never thought that sinks really needed to be have times changed.

I thought I would share my current cleaning schedule. I am a "schedule" type of person - my husband jokes that I have a schedule for everything. Having a schedule helps me to stay focused on what needs to be done. I have not included other daily tasks in this schedule like laundry, as I will get to that on another day.

Everyday(morning)- clean out sink - empty/load dishwasher
wipe down kitchen counter
sweep kitchen floor
wipe toilet seats (very important if you have boys!)
do a quick wipe of the bathroom counter

Monday - Clean all kitchen appliances:
Clean out inside of refrigerator and freezer
Clean/wipe down outside and top of refrigerator
Clean stove and oven
Clean out microwave oven
Clean and wash coffeemaker and coffeepot
Clean off and wipe down the washer and dryer

Tuesday- Dust throughout the house:
This includes wall pictures, end tables, fireplace mantles, dressers,
ceiling fans, etc.
Clean ALL computers and ALL tv screens.
Wipe down all tables and counters

Wednesday- Clean/disenfect kitchen and bathroom sinks
Clean showers and tubs
Completely clean inside and outside of toilets
Clean bathroom mirrors
Change kitty litter

Thursday - Sweep and mop all hard floors

Friday - Vaccum all rugs and carpets

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