Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yesterday I did manage to make sourdough bread, chocolate chip cookies and 2 pizza crusts. The dough for the second batch didn't turn out and I had to scrap it....will make another batch today. Wasn't able to make the cinnamon rolls because I didn't have enough milk...

As some of you know, I have three stepkids. I love them very much, but being a stepmom is a struggle. There are so many different boundries there that are not present with your own kids. It can be hard and I'm struggling to determine where I fit in in their lives.

I woke up this morning (late) because I stayed up late last night to see my husband, so my morning has really been pushed stresses me out. I forgot to get the mail yesterday, so I got it this morning - just bills (uggh) - another stressor for me right now.

Two days ago I recieved a notice from a chiropractor I had seen 3 times in May 2007. It stated I had a large unpaid balance and that I needed to take care of it within 10 days. First....I had never received any kind of billing from this office. Second, I had insurance at the time and never received an EOB from them.

I called the office and they said they were having some problems in the billing office. The Dr. called me back and said that I owed a different amount (about $500 less). I explained about not receiving a bill, etc. He said he was sending me a ledger page, which I opened this morning. Nowhere on the page does it show how he arrived at the amount he says I owe. So, on the phone again this morning. No, they do not know if they billed the insurance; no, they do not know if invoices are sent to the patients; no, they do not know how the amount due was arrived.

So, politely as I can be, I explain that I am unwilling to pay them until everything is straightened out and I know exactly how much was billed and for what and what the insurance paid. I figure if they have waited two years now, they can wait a little while longer while this is straightened out.

What can I say....just one more thing to deal with........

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