Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Passin' Time....

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had my husband's kids here this weekend until today, so it was a busy house with 5 kids to cook, clean and do laundry for. I will probably miss the hustle and bustle come tomorrow.

Today, I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done (the weather has been a little more cooperative). I have sheets hanging outside right now. Don't you just love the smell of sheets that have been outside - mmmmm!

I tidied up the kitchen after breakfast and moped the floors. Our cute, sweet kittens are making such a mess of the floors! I need them gone - NOW! We have 6 kittens that are now 6 weeks old and are ready to find their new homes. Gotta get them out before my hubby becomes to attached. He's already named one Tuna. I love kittens...I even like cats. I don't like, however, having to smell and clean a litter box. YUCK!

I would also like to find a home for my sweet pomeranian, Mitzi. She is a doll...but poms are notorious for their yappy barking. And since my husband works nights, and sleeps days....the barking has become a problem and is disrupting my husband's sleep. I've had Mitzi since 2004...(longer than I've had my husband - LOL).

I'm just ready to go back to one pet...that's all I can handle.

On another note, wanted to pass this along. This is a great schedule to use to read thru the bible in one year. I try to do the reading on a daily basis, but must admit, I have slipped in the past. But it is a great tool for keeping me on schedule. I keep it in a notebook and use a highlighter and mark thru the passages as I read them. On a separate page of paper, I will write down verses that I want to remember. And then, on another sheet of blank paper, I will write down my prayer requests.'s the link. Bible Reading Schedule

Oh....sorry no pictures this time. Need to get my camera hooked up. The boys did something when they were trying to get the wireless network up and running.

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