Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Public School Adventures

Here it is Tuesday (sigh) and I find myself missing our old homeschool routine. Blake started public school last Wednesday. It has been quite a change...for both of us. The day starts at 6:15 when we both get up and start to get ready. He leaves for school at 7 am and school lets out at 2:20 and I pick him up.

He only has 4 classes this first semester...Auto Tech; Wellness; Chemistry; and World History. Of course his favorite class is Auto Tech..he loves cars and racing, so this is perfect for him. His least favorite class is History - no surprise there. He didn't much care for it either when we were homeschooling. The history class is covering the exact same things we covered last year minus it coming from a Biblical point of view.

I was worried about his organizational skills, but he has proved that he can be organized...so that's a good thing.

He is learning that I do teach differently than the teachers at school. For instance, when doing answering questions at home, I always insisted on using complete sentences. I felt that this would help when studying and also helped me when checking over correct answers...not to mention improving English skills. However, his teacher now tells him NOT to answer in a complete sentence that all he wants to see are just the answer on the paper and that by doing this it will help them be able to study better.

In one class, they have been told that they can use their notes at test time. Supposedly this will help improve their note taking skills...but what about their study skills?

Some of the teachers do not have a handle on keeping the classroom under control and the students will just keep on talking. How does this promote a learning environment?

Also, here it is the second week...and still no lockers. Everything has to be toted around in a backpack. My son's pack is so full and heavy that there is no possible way anything else can fit into it.

O.k....enough of the negative. I know that this experience will be good for him. He loves his Auto Shop class and this is what he wants to pursue in the future..so this is a good thing...right?

He is getting a good dose of what it is like in the school system and will be able to make up his mind if he wants to continue with this next year. By the way, next year, if homeschooled, he will actually be old enough to dual enroll in college. That way, not only will he get the high school credits, he will already be earning college credits as well!!

I miss homeschooling...my days are quiet. Blake is at school, son Brian is at work, hubby Brian gets home from work and goes to bed in the morning. Sigh....I should be getting so much done...just don't have the motivation sometimes.

With that being said, I have done the following today:

Hung a load of clothes out to dry
Swept kitchen floor
Loaded dishes into dishwasher
Cleaned shower in master bath
Cleaned counter, mirror, and floors in hall bath
Put a roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight
Swept the dining room and living room floors
Called ALL around town getting pricing for tires and oil change
Made breakfast for son
Changed trash in bathrooms

I still need to clean the toilets, take Blake to get his hair cut, cut up veggies for dinner and take care of anything else that pops up (you know something always does)

Well, I've rambled on long enough - time to get busy!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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