Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big News

Well, my Big News is........I got a job! It will really help get us back on track. I love, love, love being able to stay at home. But this is the right decision at this time.

It has been 10 years since I worked full time and a lot things have changed since then. One, I won't have little ones to take care of or worry about daycare, so it should make it MUCH easier.

However, I go into this with concern and worry. Will I be able to keep up with everything? Will I be able to keep my house clean (to my standards), cook, bake, laundry, and still have time with my family?

It will definitely be a big change for everyone involved as I will be seeking more help from them to keep things running smoothly.

I will be working this weekend on writing out a new routine which I will be happy to share with you. My step-kids are coming tomorrow and will be here for two weeks so I want to make sure EVERYONE has something to do while I am away. Luckily, my husband will be home during the day to supervise...LOL.

On another note, we just found out that my son Blake probably will NOT be going to public school in the fall. I talked with the school this morning and was very upset. The will not accept any of his highschool grades/credits! They will require him to come and take their final exam in each of his subjects. Whatever grade he makes on their final exam is the grade that he will receive for that class. He would have to go and take 9 final exams which is ridiculous! My oldest son went to public school in the 10th grade and just had to take a placement problem.
But this other is just..plain STUPID.

He was really looking forward to going to "school" in the fall. I guess we will just have to look at other options. I checked into some of the private schools, but the tuition is just way too expensive and not at all feasible.

Well, I've gotta run. There is so much stuff that I need to get done.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


Tonia Staggs said...

NO WAY! I left a comment and guessed. I was right!LOL That's great news and I hope it all goes the way you need and want it to!

The Knutson Klan said...

Congrats! I'm passing on a blog award. You can pick it up at