Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Graduation

Another milestone came and went Friday...my son Brian graduated highschool!
We started homeschooling Brian in the fourth grade when I removed him from public school and it was the best decision that I made.

It has not always been easy, you'll have to trust me on that. In fact, when he started 8th grade, we decided to put him back into public school because he was such a strong willed child and I was having some difficulty. However, putting him back in public school was a disaster! He hated it, I hated...it was awful. We both stuck it out for the entire year and that was enough. He came back home to school when 9th grade rolled around.

Homeschooling thru highschool CAN be done. Brian is my second son to homeschool graduate. Also, they DO have a graduation ceremony and the DO get a valid diploma...and the DO NOT have any problems getting into college. If you have any questions about homeschooling in highschool, just leave me a comment and I'll get back with you.

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