Friday, September 18, 2009


Sorry, I have been missing in much has been going on lately.

We have been house hunting. Last week we put in an offer on a house that we liked. It needed some work. The kitchen and the bathrooms were wallpapered in this hideous pattern. But I figured I could take it down and paint and make it like I wanted it. I even went to the store and picked out the paint colors. However, they rejected our offer without even a counter. I was disappointed, but figured that was just not where we were supposed to be.

So, on the same day we received word that we didn't get that house, we found one we liked better on a full acre out in the country.

So, we talked to our realtor and went to see it on Wednesday. There was another family looking at it at the same time. I knew immediately that this was THE house. The kitchen opens up to the family room and it has a split bedroom plan. It's on a full acre out in the country, but only about 15 minutes from the city limits. Hubby only has about a 15 minute drive to that's great!

We went to the agent's offer that afternoon and put an offer on it. So now, here we are just sitting on pins and needles waiting to see if they accepted our offer so we can proceed. Dealing with that and the lender's office however is very "trying". I have been trying to get everything together so we can close on 10/30 if they accept.

We are very excited!!

In the midst of all this, our very good friends from Michigan came down for a visit. We only get to see each other once a year and the time we are together always seems so short. We had such a great time together and miss them already.

As soon as we know if we are going to get the house, I'll post some pictures...don't want to jump the gun yet.

Hope you have a blessed Friday.

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