Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where I am and How I got here

As you can see from my bio on the left, I am happily married to my husband Brian. What you can't see is that Brian and I have only been married for a little over 1 1/2 years. We each have three children from our previous marriages. However, our own children were only part of our past that we brought into our new relationship - that's right....we each brought our own suitcases full of debt.

When you are starting out in a new relationship, you usually don't discuss the financial aspect right away. Neither did we. Believe or not, we met via, an internet dating site. He found me....we met....and it was basically love at first sight. He asked me to marry him three weeks later. And eight months after our initial date, we said our "I do's".

At first finances were not as important, we were in love and still in the very very honeymoon stages. But reality caught up with us and we realized we needed to get finacially back on track. We were spending on things we didn't need, had no idea how much we were spending and where it was all going to.

So, in November 2006, 9 months after we were married, we set into motion our budget. I read Dave Ramsey's Financal Peace, visited his website, looked at his budget forms and thought..."this is something we can do". Have we fallen off the wagon? Sure we have...but we get right back up again. Has it been hard? You bet! (it still is). Is it tempting to want to go out and get a loan to buy a car, or a new T.V.? O.k.....I think it's more tempting for my husband than me. But yeah, I would like a new car. I would like for my husband to have a big screen T.V. But we realize that we can have those things....but patience is required.

So, here we are. Since November we have paid off over $7,000 in debt. We have only a little over $2,000 left to go with the exception of our mortgage. We are still learning how to curb our spending habits, deciding on the difference between necessities and wants. Somedays I see lights at the end of the tunnel and see hope, and other days I see the lights and hope that it is not a train that is about to run me over...LOL.

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