Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to Eat out without it Taking a Bite out of Your Budget

My husband and I have a weakness....we like to eat out. While I love to cook, we also enjoy going out to a nice restaurant and eating a good meal (and I love not having to clean up afterward!). However, what we don't like is the bill that comes at the end. It's just the feeling of ...hmmm... I could have made this at home for a fraction of the cost that puts a damper on the evening.

In my quest of saving money, I have learned that we can still go out for a nice meal occasionaly and stay within our budget. Think of some of your favorite restaurants, or even restaurants in your area that you haven't been to. Go online and see if they have a website. Many have websites where you can sign up for the "club" or promotions. We have received many free meals from signing up on the websites. Some meals would have cost us at least $50.00 if we paid out of our pocket. I must remind you, although your meal is free, please remember to tip your server.

Another way, sign up or fill out a card that is requesting feedback about your visit when you are there. Be honest. I have received coupons for free or almost free meals by doing this.

Lastly, keep those coupons you get in the mail. There are many buy one get one free offers.

Let's face it....what have you got to lose? Bon Apetite!

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