Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and That

It's still rainy here. I don't really mind that much. It's made the weather much cooler for this time of year, however, it is still a bit muggy. My dryer started making some weird noises a few weeks back, so I stopped using it and have been line drying my clothes. Yes, it's a little more work, but I don't mind. There's something quite peaceful about hanging your clothes outside.

I found some rope and tied it up between the posts on my back patio. I can usually hang a full load out. With the weather turned rainy, I have been drying my clothes inside. I and them on wire hangers and then hang the hangers on my fireplace mantle. I can usually get a 1 load done a day. It works out o.k. since there is usually just 4 of us here at one time.

I don't like how my towels come out. Anyone have any suggestions? What did people do way back know...when there were no electric dryers and the only choice you had was to hang them out to dry?

My hubby is going to fix the dryer when he has some time to fiddle with it. He has been working so hard lately. He doesn't get a day off until Wed. 8/5. By that time, he will have worked 12 days in a row and some of them were 12 hours a day. He has a very physically demanding job, and is usually just plain wore out when he gets home. I hate to bug him about the dryer...I know he will get to it.

I managed to get my kitchen completely cleaned yesterday in spite of the headache I had. I have been getting them much more frequently lately...and as usual, they will last approximately 3 days. I tried to not take any "meds" for my headache yesterday and drank some tea and kept warm moist heat on the back of my neck/head to relax the blood vessels...but to no avail. I finally broke down about 3:30 and went out and bought some B.C. powder - something I haven't taken in years. About an hour or two after taking it, I started to feel some relief and was able to get dinner done and clean the kitchen up afterwards. Today, I am so much better. Was up at 6:00 am...did my morning chores (wipe bathroom counters, toilets, wipe down kitchen counters, sweep kitchen floors) dusted the living areas and vacuumed the floors, worked on my grocery list and menu (still working on those), washed a load of laundry - still have to hang to dry.

This afternoon, I go and pick up Blake. He's been staying with his dad for almost a week now and I miss him. Tomorrow, we pick up Brian's kids for the weekend. So my now very quiet house will be full of kids and noises this weekend. Then the quietness will return next week as school starts.

Ah well, more on that later.

Hope everyone has a blessed Thursday.

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